A simple Powerful idea…

Shoreline Access for Everyone


It started with a simple, powerful idea

Why shouldn’t everyone should have access to Seattle's waterfronts. As our region grows, shoreline street ends provide places of respite and should be protected. Since 1997, the neighbors and community leaders of Friends of Street Ends have worked to open and enhance Seattle's shoreline street ends for public access.

The street ends provide a place of contemplation, a moment when you’re on a walk or run to stop to look out at the lake and catch your breath, a bench for a conversation, a way to run into your neighbors and enjoy the beauty of our proximity to water and mountain views.

Now there are 142 Street Ends citywide.


Next Meeting

September 26th, 2019


Bradner Gardens Community Building

1730 Bradner Pl S, Seattle, WA 98144



Contact Karen Daubert



2019 Meetings & Events

Next meetings:

November 21st

2019 Strategic Work Plan


How you can help

It can be as simple as joining in a work party to do some landscaping or gardening. Or supporting our efforts through a donation of money to help with the fees necessary to open up a new street end.



"Our lovely street ends enhance the walkability of the neighborhood and give us a welcome peek-a-boo view to the water."

a leschi community member